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West Edmonton Spay & Neuter/ Animal Hospital is proud to offer affordable spaying and neutering care in Edmonton and a full range of additional veterinary services to keep your dogs, rabbits or cats active and engaged throughout their lives.

Read below for more information on a few of our most commonly asked questions and give us a call to schedule a vet appointment in Edmonton for your favourite four-legged friend.

Why should I spay my dog?
No matter where you live, experts recommend spaying all dogs to help keep the pet population under control. Spaying a dog before her first heat can greatly decrease the chance of your pet developing mammary tumors, can eliminate hormone variations that cause false pregnancy following a heat cycle and can prevent pyometra (a kind of uterine infection). Spaying will also reduce your pet’s desire to leave your home to find a mate.

Why should I spay my cat?
Spaying your cat is highly recommended by the West Edmonton Spay & Neuter/ Animal Hospital team. In addition to keeping the cat population under control, spaying your pet can help her eliminate the risk of ovarian and uterine cancers. If spaying is done before the first heat cycle, the chance of developing breast cancer is reduced enormously. Spaying cats also helps regulate hormone levels during heat cycles. Unchecked hormone levels can prevent medications from working effectively and make conditions like epilepsy and diabetes more difficult to handle.

Why should I spay my rabbit?
Spaying your rabbit helps to eliminate the risk of reproductive cancer in your female rabbit. Rabbits are social animals and enjoy having a friend to snuggle and play with. Unaltered rabbits will display aggressive behavior toward other rabbits of the opposite sex or same sex due to hormones. Spaying your rabbit helps to make your rabbit easier to litter train.

Why should I neuter my dog?
In addition to keeping the dog population in your area under control, neutering dogs can prevent hormone fluctuations that could render medication inefficient. If your dog develops epilepsy or diabetes, you’ll be able to control their condition easier.

Why should I neuter my cat?
Neutering a cat is a responsible choice and will help keep your local cat population under control. Some male cats become aggressive if not neutered, sometimes urinating to mark territory, roaming and fighting with other cats, which could lead to the transmission of infectious diseases such as FIV and FeLV.

Why should I neuter my rabbit?
Unwanted pet rabbits are often left to fend for themselves in parks, farmland or open fields. Rabbits that have been abandoned often suffer from disease, starvation and become easy prey for wild animals. Neutering your male rabbit helps to control the population. An altered rabbit makes an ideal pet because they are more affectionate, calmer and less prone to sexually aggressive behavior such as biting, growling and circling.

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